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Whether you are a first home buyer, or a second or subsequent purchaser you may need to borrow monies to complete the purchase. Therefore how do you go about this process? Which lender has the home loan that is most suitable for you? How much money do you need to cover your deposit and costs? […]

Construction Loans

Purchasing land, constructing a home and are borrowing monies is just that little bit more complicated than purchasing an existing home. You will need to sign a contract to purchase the land, enter into a contract with the builder to construct a home and a further contract with the lender to borrow monies. All of […]


An overdraft is a line of credit with your bank / finance provider, which allows you to make flexible payments so that you can pay off the entire debt as and when you have funds available. An overdraft generally attracts higher interest rates especially if exceeding the overdraft limit, and may limit other borrowings. It is seen as more […]