bathurst mortgage plant and equipment

If you need finance for any plant or equipment we are the finance specialists in obtaining funding for for any depreciable asset for business purposes as well as providing business loans and commercial loans for any worthwhile business need or new venture.

In addition to sourcing the interest rate and terms available best suited to meet your needs, we also work with your advisers to ensure the structure is a perfect fit for you and your circumstances. Ensuring you have the right structure is vital for all business customers.

Manage your Cash Flow

Having the right equipment is vital to running your business, but it can also be expensive to buy and a drain on working capital. Equipment finance can help you purchase assets without eroding your working capital. It is a popular form of finance for businesses that want to better manage their cash flow.

Using this form of finance removes the need to spend large sums on equipment by enabling you to essentially rent or lease items over a set period of the contract. This form of finance can be used to acquire a range of expensive equipment, such as vehicles, yellow goods, farm machinery, industrial machinery and other forms of plant and assets. This finance does not cover trade and operating expenses or property.

Equipment finance is particularly helpful for businesses that want to manage their cash flow and seasonal cash flow variations can be taken into account when creating a finance payment plan.


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