As Finance Brokers at FrontRunner Finance Solutions we will spend some time with you analysing your financial situation, we will ascertain your financial needs, what is important to you in a loan and decide together, which is the appropriate home loan, car loan or business loan  that is correct for you.

We will then complete all the paperwork, submit the loan application to the lender, follow through with the lender to approval, keeping in touch with you all the way through this process so that you know what is happening with your loan.

At FrontRunner Finance Solutions we will help you with your mortgage/lending documentation and follow the process all the way through until your loan has settled.  Not only that, if in the future you need assistance with your existing loan, whether that be to borrow more monies, consolidate debt, change to a fixed rate or whatever your need may be, then we will be able to assist you with these as well.  It is not the case that we will set and forget, but hopefully building an ongoing relationship between yourselves and our organisation.  We are very passionate about what we do and if we can assist and make things a lot easier for you and you have a happy experience then we will have gone a long way towards to achieving our goals in our business.

You will want to enquire about any fees that may apply to you when you use our services as a finance broker.  Unless you are completing a commercial/business loan, then you will not pay a fee to us for the service that we provide.  So then the question is then asked, how do we get paid for our services?  The answer to that is simple: the banks pay us a fee for the work that we do on their behalf.  This does not affect the interest rate that you will pay to the bank, any fees and charges that may be payable, or the services you receive from the lender.  If you have any questions on this matter, at FrontRunner Finance Solutions, we are very comfortable about discussing this at length with you.


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