You have a home loan, a car loan, a personal loan, and several credit cards or something similar. You also have enough equity (equity is the value of your property less monies owing) in your home. Meeting all of these payments sometimes can be onerous. It is often possible to combine all your debts into […]

What is a Novated Lease? A novated lease is a finance lease agreement between an individual (employee), their employer and a finance company. In this case, the employer makes monthly repayments on your behalf via a salary sacrifice program or car allowance. Benefits for the employee: No deposit payable Flexibility with the choice of vehicle […]

1. Create a budget Creating a budget is the very first thing you should do to at the start of your loan. Establishing a routine repayment schedule can be very effective in managing your financial health. You should update your budget each month to identify trends where you’re overspent and what you can do to […]

      The team from Front Runner Finance Solutions would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Christmas is about spending time with your family and friends, I hope you all get to enjoy a break away from work. 

It may come to the point when you feel that is necessary to complete renovations to your home. You may have outgrown what you have or you may just wish to complete the repairs and maintenance that you have been thinking about for ages and you need to borrow monies to do so. There are […]

Whether you are a first home buyer, or a second or subsequent purchaser you may need to borrow monies to complete the purchase. Therefore how do you go about this process? Which lender has the home loan that is most suitable for you? How much money do you need to cover your deposit and costs? […]

Purchasing land, constructing a home and are borrowing monies is just that little bit more complicated than purchasing an existing home. You will need to sign a contract to purchase the land, enter into a contract with the builder to construct a home and a further contract with the lender to borrow monies. All of […]

An overdraft is a line of credit with your bank / finance provider, which allows you to make flexible payments so that you can pay off the entire debt as and when you have funds available. An overdraft generally attracts higher interest rates especially if exceeding the overdraft limit, and may limit other borrowings. It is seen as more […]

If you need finance for any plant or equipment we are the finance specialists in obtaining funding for for any depreciable asset for business purposes as well as providing business loans and commercial loans for any worthwhile business need or new venture. In addition to sourcing the interest rate and terms available best suited to […]

Have you thought about purchasing an investment property? You are earning a good income, you have money in the bank or enough equity (equity is the value of your property less monies owing) and you feel the time is right to purchase an investment property. However you need to borrow monies to do so. Therefore […]